Matthew Kosloski

Thoughts on iOS7

Recently, iOS 7 was released to developers to demo and give feedback to Apple. I’m writing this blog post today to give my feedback on the new OS after a week or two using it on my 4th generation iPad. And yes, in the beginning during the 2013 WWDC stream when the guy on stage presented the new iOS software to everyone in the room, I was one of the hundreds of designers on Twitter raging about how awful the new icons looked. After a week or two of use, I still don’t like them.

The Cons

First off, they increased the border radius, making the edges look rounder. I feel that this makes the icons feel more bulky and fat. The previous border radius was fine, in my opinion. Next, the gradients on the icons. Some of the icons have gradients, others don’t. There’s no consistency here. The only icons that look semi-decent are the photos, maps, and photo booth. The other ones are horrible. For example, the gradient for iTunes looks like bubble gum.

The mail icon is poorly done, too. Looks like the only thing they did was use the exact same icon for the App Store, but reversing the gradient and adding a mail icon. The reason why these icons need to be changed is because they won’t look good with the other apps, and they look like they were done by an Apple employee’s six-year-old son. And the sad part is, more redesigns on Dribbble look better than what Apple did.

The absence of a weather and calculator app on the iPad brings me great frustration. I thought Apple would finally add these to the new update. If not a calculator, at least a weather app! I’m constantly checking the weather. Another thing that irritates me is how the navigation items like, “back” and “cancel” don’t look like buttons. They’re just text without any indication of a button. I feel like when I click on them, nothing will happen.

The Pros

After rambling about how much I hate the color choices of Apple, let’s talk about the good stuff iOS 7 has to offer. The implementation of Control Center is something that I find useful, especially the ability to change brightness and toggle airplane mode. Also, it can be accessed from anywhere! Some small things like the live clock icon, the subtle animations when locking and unlocking your device, and the semi-transparent parts of the apps are very classy. And thank GOD they allow us to put unlimited apps in folders.

In the past I’ve been irritated by how the search feature was implemented. I would always press the home button too many times, bringing me to the search option instead of the actual homepage, and I always found myself mistakingly typing something in the search field. Now, they put it in a better place. All you have to do now to activate it is drag from the middle of the screen to the bottom.

In conclusion, iOS 7 brings a much better UI and UX to the table, but not so good colors and icons. But hopefully we’ll see a change in the future.

A little about Me

I was born on the 17th of October in Illinois. In 2006, on my birthday, I received my first laptop computer. It was a HP Pavilion dv6000, and it sucked. The computer only had 60GB of internal storage with 512MB of RAM. On this computer, I made YouTube videos with Sony Vegas 9, and coded absolutely useless applications with the MS-DOS language. Several years later, I began learning basic HTML and CSS by watching tutorials on YouTube by this gentleman. After taking an interest in technology, I began making tutorials on a YouTube account.

After not being accepted to the Google Adsense program, I decided to make another account and start over. Then, on August 28th of the year 2011 I upgraded to a brand new Macbook Pro 15” with a quad-core i7 processor. This new computer had 12 times the amount of storage, and 4 times the amount of RAM. When I got the computer, I began making technology reviews on a new YouTube account. A few of my friends on YouTube and I began to realize making technology reviews was boring. In February of 2012, I was accepted to a design community called Dribbble.

Starting off as a new designer with Photoshop and Coda, I began to design user interfaces. During my time designing user interfaces, I realized I wasn’t the best at that. So, I went back to front-end development and my knowledge with modern web technologies has been evolving ever since. I believe moving around, and trying new things is okay! If you make videos and you get bored, try making user interfaces, and after that make a website! After all, Steve Jobs has a nice quote about that.

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.

Today, I can say I’m advanced with HTML and CSS, I know the basics of PHP, WordPress, and jQuery. My knowledge with Javascript started literally only a few days ago, so I’m still working on that. As for WordPress and PHP… I made a theme.